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    Hello again, I’m back and this time, I have a point LOL.

    Me and my boyfriend (Albert) have been dating over a year now, when we first started dating, we were totally obessed with each other. He always told me i was perfect and all the mushy stuff you can think of. Coming into the now, I have pretty much been quarantining with him and his family, and over the past few weeks, it has been quite hectic. Over the past few days, we have been arguing. Two days earlier, we were at a friends house and our friend started talking to us about being in a relationship and telling us to not forget, “don’t let it get boring” (btw he is way older than both of us lol). Later that night, me and Albert came home, and he grabbed my hand and randomely made a comment to “not make it boring”. He continued on his phone and i didn’t know if i should take him serious or not. I also have started to notice he is not as lovey with me as he was. It is like on and off. And he has also been more worried about me pleasuring him , and not the other way around lol. So today, he texts me saying he wanted to talk to put me at ease (yes i have told him how i felt so that is why) I came over and he started to tell me that he was sorry and the feeling i had was right. He had been distant and said that he wasnt bored of me, its just that we’ve been dating for a while, or something like that. He said that he loves me and he doesn’t want anyone else in his life besides me. He also assured me that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, it was just him and he apparently gets like this when he is with someone for a while..idk. Anyways, We were talking about this one woman (a MILF btw, Im not joking, it is literally his friend’s mom lol) that contiuously compliments him and flirts with him, knowing i am in the picture (Yes to answer your question, they did “talk” or whatever it was). So i told him it made me jealous and also annoyed that she has been doing this for over a year now and obviously he hasn’t done anything to stop it. Also, Lately I have been quite self  conscious so everything he says now i take so personally.. Like earlier, he randomley told me to not let me butt get smaller, and that I need to start doing squats before my thighs get bigger than my butt. And I also have dark peach fuzz on my butt, lol, not a lot but it’s there. He asked me to shave it for him and that it looks fine, i just would be so much hotter without it. I am hairy okay lol, my arms, my legs, EVERYWHERE!! I even got a lil fuzz stache, so those have always been soft spots for me. And I’m just confused on why he all of sudden has a problem with it. When we first started dating, he always told me to not worry about because he didn’t mind and that he didn’t care. And also, I SHAVED MY ASS BEFORE OKAY, DID NOT LIKE IT, IT BROKE OUT A LITTLE LOL. Anways point is, I honestly feel more ugly than beautiful these days, even though he’s reassured me. It just seems different than before.. And also, I want to point out, I like being a smooth lil thing just as much as he likes it, I’m just confused on the sudden change of heart or WHATEVER it is. lol


    Dear Sun stuck behind a grey cloud:

    It is refreshing to read a light-hearted, lol-ed post these heavy pandemic days.

    “when we first started dating, we were totally obsessed with each other. He always told me I was perfect… Coming into the now, I have pretty much been quarantining with him and his family, and over .. the past few days, we have been arguing”-

    – seems to me that the two of you are as perfect as can be for each other because you survived this quarantine so far with only a few days arguing, and with you not losing your light hearted attitude and humor, so evident in your original post.

    My advice: stop the arguing so to keep your good quarantine record with your boyfriend and his family. Instead of arguing, Communicate with an EAR (Empathy, Assertiveness, Respect).



    Hi Sun,

    When a guy makes a sudden change like this in attitude, personality, preference, etc. I’m sorry, but porn might be in the mix. Or something strange that is not you.

    My advice is to move back in with your own family. Even though you are a perfect guest, it is a burden. I’m sure his parents want their house back. Also, he is acting like a bit of a jerk.

    Get on with your beautiful, hairy self back to your family (sleep in a tent in the yard if you have to for a few days) and let him try to flirt with the MILF.



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