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    thank you for that. i have addressed it multiple times, believe me haha, and thank you for taking the time to read whole thing haha. but something just happened that has made it worse. We were all hanging out for 420, when they say Cindy is on the way. Next thing i notice is her car pulling up and i realize Albert is know where to be seen. So i decide to go outside to get my water. I go outside to the truck, and notice someone on the other side, next thing i see is Albert running behind the other car and coming up the yard, he then meets eyes with me. now the look on his face, ive seen before. He looked nervous, and i was a bit confused why, and then comes Cindy but she walks a different way up the driveway, they both quickly head for the door while she tells me a quick hi, and just as i’m walking inside, Albert pulls me back outside and starts giving me an explanation on why they were out there and what they were doing. I didn’t ask for all of this information, but he just felt the need to give it to me. I actually started to feel upset in my chest, bc i really felt that i had just walked into something. I also thought it was funny that he just so happened to be outside the same time she was pulling up. Idk, it was very weird and i have no idea if i should believe him or not. I also read some of their messages during when the whole ” she thought i wanted to kill her thing” and she was texting Albert and saying she doesn’t think she wants to come over anymore because she doesn’t want to be a problem, and Albert replied, ” We love having you around, I love having you around”. I am the only one that thinks that was kind of weird, that he just had to make it known to Cindy that not just we, but HE loves having her around. I feel sad and confused, i dont know what to believe.

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