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    Thank you for accepting me in your prestigious forum.It is a pleasure for me to be these with you and i won be able to satisfy myself with diverse info about the fields that are discussed in this forum.

    I need to present myself, my guy is mike, i have been all all the topics discussed in the forum for a much time.I had not had the opportunity to creating an image , but due to the interesting info you provided below , i decided to do do and send an invitation to be supported by you .

    for me it has been a real enriching environment to be in this forum , it has provided me the chance to have small discussions with colleagues who are especially interested in this kind of topic . it has additionally open the doors for me to meet different ideas and theories .

    i will further be happy to providing you with all the necessary data in the forum , so that you may have a feedback and there is a negative , and that both you and i will share all the items that would be sharing .

    i have been very attentive to this forum , that is therefore , never more i give you what grateful i am for have received my request to the forum . i can leave you my travel area and some links here i discovered interesting information .

    i am a people who loves to researched and learn about this topic , besides it is important for me to get this history with friends and relatives . i loves the welcome that they hand to new players to the forum .

    i hope more files like this would be creating , meaning that everyone has accessibility to this important information . i have therefore turned the area available to other people hope that they may creating an account and be inclusion in this forum .

    i think goodbye , you placing the right to shares any information about this forum , i ll be ever active to be continually update . again , it is a bliss to be member of this forum , see you soon!


    Dear kmanzoor:

    Welcome to the forums. I wish I was able to understand what you were trying to communicate here. Perhaps a better translation from your native language to English will make your writing more clear.




    Hello Kmanzoor

    Welcome to Tiny Buddha Forums.  I think you are saying that you have learned from this website, that you have drawn from posts to use as items for discussion with your own colleagues, and that you are sharing this with your friends and your family as a recommendation.  Perhaps at some point in the future either you, or they, may write in with topics that they may need help with.

    Best Wishes


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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