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    Has this thought ever crept up in your mind? “I’m not good enough. I will never be good enough.” Sometimes I feel as if I will never match up to the reality that I portray. I’m afraid people will figure out who I really am. That I’m really a fraud and I don’t know anything at all. I mean how can I help others when I am struggling myself? It’s like every time I make progress.. that voice comes back to remind me that “I’m not good enough” and people will find out. They will see me for who I am truly am.



    Dear Julia:

    “I’m not good enough’ and people will find out. They will see me for who I ..truly am”-

    – it is my experience that people are too busy with their own “I’m not good enough” thought to be willing or able to correctly assess whether you are good enough.

    “Never Good Enough” is a human distress more common than the common cold.


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    Hi Julie,

    Every other female experiences “Imposter Syndrome”. It’s a thing! Google away!

    The thing about it is, “Good” is subjective. Check out Hemingway. A great writer, but was he a good person? Really?

    Wayne Dyer: He was the self help guru, but the end of his life was a crap storm in his personal life. Look it up!

    Everyone, each one of us, is multi-faceted.

    Don’t beat yourself up!





    All the time. It’s something I really struggle with, especially as I’m between jobs and doing applications and going to interviews that just don’t go anywhere. It just gets really stressful, and I question whether I have any real talents.

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