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    Hi everyone.

    Just need to vent and comfort myself.

    I changed jobs and it’s been difficult. For what reasons, I not entirely sure. I think it’s the change and being new triggers me.

    I know it was a good idea to change job but now, at this moment I do not see any good sides. Maybe I should have stayed at old job.

    I work 2pm-10 pm. It was my first day. I am tired. I do not know what to do in the morning.. I kind of.. wait for 2pm so I can start work.. so I waste morning. I miss my old colleagues. Everyone is new here for me and everything is new. I am scared of working late. It tires me. I am scared of the changes. I cried last night and this morning, I don’t know where to find comfort. It’s been really tough.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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