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    I want you to reflect on how horrible you are at being there. You have proven once again this moment has been completely focused on your redemption and a complete failure to actually care about me. There isn’t a single question asking about me or insuring my well being. Think about that while fight my demons alone, we’ll see who wins this time. You will not get a response while I do this being it wasn’t a concern until now.

    What sucks, he ignored me from Tuesday until today at 4pm. I reached out yesterday asking if he was okay and that I was worried.



    Dear Heytherepumpkin:

    Who sent you this message and what are the circumstances around it?




    Hi Heytherepumpkin,

    A good response is, “Sorry you feel that way!”

    If this is an ongoing conflict/issue, and ironically it is all about him, write, “There’s no reason to write that to me, you can write to me respectfully. Try again.”

    Or, write (again), “Are you OK?” if he is unhinged. Or the classic, “Have you been drinking?”

    Good Luck,



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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