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    Hi Anita,

    I wanaa said Im really sorry that i don’t listen to you.

    So you said to me that i should stay away from her.

    I have things in my mind that said if you wanna make peace with your past you have to make things right. So once again today I went to her working place. To say Im sorry and I hope we dont have any hard feelings.

    When I saw her she scram and called the police that I make serious threat to her. Now The police are looking for me. I have no idea whats going wrong mam.





    Dear Anita,

    So yesterday i went home driving to my house. I know my ex activity that she always took the bus in front my house.

    I went infront my house and waiting for the bus. I pick the bus and there she is. She panicked like I am a serial killer or like she saw the Demon. I told her i just need 5 min to tell her that I am sorry and i wont disturb her anymore.

    She called the assistant driver to kick me out from the bus. I told the assistant driver I will go down infront.

    I just said to her im sorry and she drive out me. Just like people who say go away you animal. The point is she treat me like an animal. Shoooo shoo with the hand gesture.

    I just go down from the bus and said i love you and im really sorry about the things that have done.

    So i just walked home with a really broken heart.  I tried to fix things but why i cannot fix this matter.

    She used love me more than she love her self. She always said her love always stand still for me.




    Dear anita,

    She blocked me and didn’t want to talk with me anymore.

    Well you make me think. If shes the one maybe she should forgive me and willing to start fresh. Maybe if she loves me unconditionally.

    The main problem is I still regret.

    Every day always do same.

    I wish i was blablabla when Im still with her.

    I wiah i was taking care of her more than i should have.

    And it was haunting me. I have tried to suicide by cutting my hand. Everyday i got drunk. I didn’t take care of my life.



    Dear anita

    It was on my line home line and Instagram.

    Yes she already told me to delete all my ex pitures but i forgot to delete one picture.

    It was only the shadow pictures not whole face. Anita do you have any whatssap or line number? I would like to talk with you.

    I am so stupid that time and I have some questions. She said she loves me very much.

    I admit i am wrong but why cant she forgive me and start with new fresh. I can change.






    Hi Anita

    I love her really much. She said she loves me aslo. She always said she loves me very much.

    So in my office i have some issue they think i was cheating so I planned to resign from my job. I dont have any plan about my future. I was so worried. I worried i dont have any earning but still i need money for our future.

    So I have to hand over my job to my partner. The client was in outside of town. So i drive with my partner. My partner got sick and shout at me for no reason so I get down from the car and plan to take bus.

    I took the bus to her office to met her because I think she can confort me. With all the problem i said can i go to your office?

    She said yes. After i arrived at her office she text me why you have your ex pictures in your instagram. I forgot to delete the picture because it was from 2 years ago.

    I got angra and said why you adding more suffer to me. I block her and got drunk. In my drunk time i text her like this

    1. I hate you if you come to my house i will sent you out.

    2. I hate you really much.

    3. I said bad word to her. Im forgot because i was to drunk.

    Right now she doesn’t want to meet me and i full of regret.



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