Why was he acting as if he didn't care?

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    So my long term friend for nearly 30 yrs and I always converse. We stay in touch we talk about the past.Because we were young we did stupid things when we first met back in 1991. Well recently he knew a friend of his who he was told I slept with back then requested me on Facebook. When he first learned of that he asked did I accept. I didn’t really respond to that.This guy actually still lives in my neighborhood so I guess he feels there’s a chance we could meet up.

    I told him that I had no interest in him and he wasn’t my type. Well he said you slept with him before. I never admitted to sleeping with him. He debated the issue and said that the guy would never lie to him and that he knows I did for sure.This was all few weeks ago.

    Recently he revisited the same situation. Out the clear blue sky he asked me if the guy his friend ever go back to me on Facebook. I asked what do you mean. He told me he hasn’t spoken to this guy in yrs. Why did he ask me if he go back in the first place. All I said was he requested me and that was that. He asked me will I hook up with him. I replied do you want me to . He said it doesn’t matter.This guy and are friends til the end he is married but why all the questions about me and someone he felt I slept with many yrs ago.

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