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    I am feeling really stuck in life . I’m 28 , live at home and I’m in a dead end job . It’s also a really miserable job. I suffer with depression and anxiety . I seem to have had a lot of bad luck and health issues . My parents seem to get a lot of things wrong with me and I resent that they dominated my decisions .

    Anyway… I’m am so unbearably unhappy despite. always trying to do the right thing . I’ve never had a healthy relationship . I’ve been trying online dating , but a guy I got to liking told me he thought I was hot but not good enough to be a girlfriend . I feel really upset by this , I can’t seem to get a break .

    Things feel really hopeless even though I’m trying a lot of things  like looking for a new job , online dating , going to the gym .I’ve never been happy . I feel like there’s no point in trying anymore . Any advice ?



    Dear Kat:

    To give you advice about “Where to go from here”, I need to know more about the “here”:

    can you tell me more about your health issues, how your parents dominate your decisions and your relationship with them otherwise?

    I wonder if you ever lived away from your parents and how was that experience?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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