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    i once heard this story of a man who diligently went to church everyday to pray. he made the same wish everyday “dear god, help me get rich”. by the time he was at his death bed, he had not become rich. The reason being he was hoping for a miracle to happen but he didnt lift a single finger to help himself move ahead.

    i cant help but relate this story to myself.

    i have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. and i keep trying to move ahead but i am stuck. is it because i am not trying hard enough? will my depression go away if i try hard enough? on the other hand, it is extremely hard for me to get anything accomplished.

    do we use the mind power/ our will to get out of depression?

    if we take medication, our cold disappears. you dont need will power to recover from a cold. then with depression shouldnt it be the same?

    i really hate what my life has become, it really feels like a nightmare that has continued for too long.

    to summarize:

    – Do you need willpower to get out of depression? If so how is depression considered an illness anymore?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this



    No, you do not need the willpower to get out of depression. Depression isn’t your fault. Anyone who tells you this is victim-blaming. I’m so sorry you feel this way, it’s not your fault at all.


    Hi xlea

    Depression is a complex illness. Is it, chemical, existential angst, a reaction/response to a very real difficult situation? Begs a question. Can a imbalance create the angst or does the angst create a imbalance? Perhaps its not a ‘Either Or’ but and And Or situation.

    The man who’s prayer to become rich becomes depressed because his prayer isn’t answered.  Is that depression or something else? Perhaps a unskillful  understanding/relationship to prayer, G_d, hope, love, ego, desire, life.. Is the man resisting life, demanding life conform to his desires, or participating in the flow that is life.  Maybe.  And or, Is their something biological that keeps the man from seeing or doing anything about the situation he finds himself in? Maybe

    My own observations are that the medications we have to treat depression aid in creating the space for the someone to be  better able to reengage with life as it shows up.  The medications themselves can’t create that re-engagement or determine what that might look like. If the man goal is to win the lotto he is eventually going to have to buy a ticket.

    A friend of my with a mental illness takes medication that has literally been a life saver. He will be on that medication for the rest of his life a fact that he had to come to terms with. That process of coming to terms with his illness and his desire to transcend it required a great deal of inner work. Not a either or situation were the medication magically solved all his problems. .

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