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    Hi it’s been a long time since I spoke,

    hope you are all well!

    ive been drinking heavy the last couple of weekends and been doing to vile stuff to other people.

    Last night I went to a friends bbq who I know through my ex. Her boyfriend and my ex are best friends. I got rather drunk and flirted with him I think and completely embarrassed myself I feel so ashamed. My poor friend must hate me but hasn’t said anything.

    I spoke to him today and he just found it fully and said that he would go there if it wasn’t for my ex not actually because of my friend.

    i wouldn’t go there so I don’t know why I’ve done this I’m riddle with shame and guilt now!! Help me!! I know I need to stop drinking



    Dear B:

    Welcome back. If you want, only if you want to, you are welcome to read or re-read my one post to you in your previous thread “Life” and reply to it there or here. (I believe that post is relevant to your current thread).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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