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    Me and my ex dated for 9months. He was really in for this relationship and was the best partner ever! Things went serious very quickly, and we were about to get married. It was hard to trust him in the begining but he won my heart and i fell in love with him. We both had plans together…and we were seeing each other mostly everyday. After months, he started to change, became so rude and fought with me over petty things. Over an argument, he decided to leave me for good. I was begging him and trying to win him back during 3months….all he could do, insult me and treated me like a piece of shit! It took me months, around 1year to get over him without contact….i met a guy, we are dating since 7months…he is deeply in love with me…but i still can’t forget my ex. This guy is really caring, loves me however i still can’t forget my ex


    Dear Isabelle:

    It hurts to be treated badly. It hurts to be treated as if we were worthless, as if our feelings don’t matter. And it hurts the most when it is someone we love that treats us this way. And so, it is no  wonder to me that you are still hurting. I wish you weren’t treated badly by your ex boyfriend and I am sure you wish the same.



    Hello Isa,

    Sorry about your situation but, there has to be more to this story, hardly does anyone, talk more of a boyfriend simply start being mean and hurtful. Could it be possible he was looking for a way out and wasn’t man enough to be truthful? I think all you need is clarity in order to completely move on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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