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Tiny Buddha 2024 Day-to-Day Calendar

Stay inspired, motivated & encouraged with a year of uplifting quotes on happiness, relationships, change, self-care, and more. Includes tear-off pages, day/date reference on each page, and combined weekend pages. Features an easel backer for desk or tabletop display. Printed on FSC-certified paper with soy-based ink.


Tiny Buddha's Worry Journal

Tiny Buddha's Worry Journal

Filled with quotes, prompts, and questions, along with coloring and doodling pages, Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal provides a number of different activities to help you reframe your worries and minimize anxiety in your daily life. If you have a hard time detaching from worrisome thoughts, this could be just what you need to learn to let go and ease your troubled mind. A few mindful minutes each day can create major change!
Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal

Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal

Including questions and prompts pertaining to both your past and present, this journal will help you see your life through a new, more positive lens. The book also includes fifteen coloring pages, depicting awesome things we often take for granted, like nature and music. With space for written reflection, these pages provide all the benefits of coloring—including mindfulness and stress relief—and also guide you to recognize the beauty in the ordinary.
Tiny Buddha's Inner Strength Journal

Tiny Buddha's Inner Strength Journal

With four sections, focusing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual exercises, this journal presents a holistic journey to fostering inner strength. Including questions for reflection and both writing and doodle prompts, Tiny Buddha’s Inner Strength Journal will help you create your own personal roadmap to resilience so you can change what you can and make the best of the rest.
Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself book

Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself

Presents 40 unique perspectives and insights on topics related to loving yourself, including: realizing you're not broken, accepting your flaws, releasing the need for approval, forgiving yourself, letting go of comparisons, and learning to be authentic. Featuring stories selected from hundreds of tinybuddha.com contributors, the book provides an honest look at what it means to overcome critical, self-judging thoughts to create a peaceful, empowered life.
Tiny Buddha book

Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life's Hard Questions

What's the meaning of life? What does it take to be happy? Why are relationships so hard? Author Lori Deschene explores these questions and more, sharing her own experience overcoming depression, isolation, self-loathing, and a sense of meaninglessness. Including perspectives from @tinybuddha Twitter followers and insights from wise teachers around the world and throughout time, Tiny Buddha provides an empowering guide for personal happiness, even in a world with so much uncertainty.
Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges book

Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges

A simple guide to help you pursue a happy, connected life. Each week includes an inspiring story from a Tiny Buddha community member (or two), followed by seven days of short challenges that focus on self-love, giving and receiving love in relationships and friendships, and spreading love in the world. With writing exercises sprinkled throughout and questions for the reflection on every page, the book will help you identify blocks to love—and move past them.
Tiny Wisdom books

Tiny Wisdom Series: eBooks on Love, Happiness, and More

The Tiny Wisdom eBooks share short reflections on the little things that make a huge difference in our daily lives. They're reminders of what matters and how to embrace it, right now, instead of focusing on all the things that only bring us down. Buy the whole set, containing eBooks on love, self-love, mindfulness, pain, and love and get one free ($4.97 individually, $19.97 for the full set).
Tiny Buddha's Letting Go of Difficult Emotions book

Letting Go of Difficult Emotions

In this 54-page eBook, you’ll learn a few techniques to let go of anger, resentment, frustration, anxiety, and self-judgment. Name your own price! The suggested payment is $5; however, you can pay as little as $1.
Tiny Buddha's Guide to Overcoming Hard Times book

Tiny Buddha's Guide to Overcoming Hard Times

Whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. Over the years thousands of contributors have shared stories of abuse, addiction, illness, trauma, tragedy, depression, and loss, along with the lessons and insights that have helped them cope. This eBook offers a collection of those posts to help you not just survive but thrive.


Tiny Buddha quote widget

Quote Widget

You can now embed a daily wisdom quote right on your site with the Tiny Buddha Quote Widget for WordPress. This plugin will deliver a random quote from the Tiny Buddha archives (800 quotes and growing) each day.
green buddha desktop wallpaper

Buddha Desktop Wallpaper

"Tiny Green Buddha" by Joshua Denney (actual Buddha available for purchase on Amazon). Currently available in FullHD resolution, it's suitable for most desktop monitors. THE QUOTE: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become." ~Buddha
Tiny Buddha's Inner Strength Tools

Tiny Buddha's Inner Strength Tools

Enter your email address to get instant access to 7 PDF printables including the 30-Day Take Your Power Back Challenge, 15 Things You Don't Have to Do Anymore, 10 Things to Tell Yourself Daily When You're Going Through a Hard Time, and, 15 Things You Can’t Control (and What You Can Control Instead).
balance wallpaper

Balance Wallpaper

Available in 4K resolution in portrait or landscape formats, this wallpaper is suitable for most desktops and mobile devices. Free gift for new email subscribers only.
THE QUOTE: "Life is all about balance. You don't always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it's perfectly okay, and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back, and do nothing." ~Lori Deschene
just breathe wallpaper

Just Breathe Wallpaper

Available in 4K resolution in portrait or landscape formats, this wallpaper is suitable for most desktops and mobile devices. Free gift for new email subscribers only.
THE QUOTE: "Just breathe. You are strong enough to handle your challenges, wise enough to find solutions to your problems, and capable enough to do whatever needs to be done." ~Lori Deschene
good enough wallpaper

Good Enough Wallpaper

Available in 4K resolution in portrait or landscape formats, this wallpaper is suitable for most desktops and mobile devices. Free gift for new email subscribers only.
THE QUOTE "At the end of the day, remind yourself that you did the best you could today and that is good enough." ~Lori Deschene



Recreate Your Life Story

A fun, creative course blending self-help and film that gives you the tools to let go of the past so you can feel free, happy, and unlimited in the present—and confident about creating the future.


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