Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal

Questions, Prompts, and Coloring Pages for a Brighter, Happier Life

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Karen Salmansohn

Fun, creative, and insightful, Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal will brighten your days and change your life!

— Karen Salmansohn, author of Instant Happy Journal and Open When: Letters to Lift Your Spirits


Karen Salmansohn was right. This journal did change my life!

— You, a few months from now

Available Now!
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About the Book

Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal Cover

We've all experienced our fair share (and maybe more than our fair share) of ups and downs. We've had successes and failures, gains and losses, times of abundance and times of lack.

Many of us find it easy to be happy when things are going well. Most of us struggle when life gets tough—when work gets demanding, relationships get complicated, or our hearts get hurt.

It's natural to feel sad, anxious, or frustrated in these situations. It's simply not possible to be happy all the time. But it is possible to ease our worries, shift our perspective, and focus more on what's right than what's wrong.

Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal can help you do all of this.

Including questions and prompts pertaining to both your past and present, the journal will help you see your life through a new, more positive lens.

The book also includes fifteen coloring pages, depicting awesome things we often take for granted, like nature and music.

With space for written reflection, these pages provide all the benefits of coloring—including mindfulness and stress relief—and also guide you to recognize the beauty in the ordinary.

Whether you've been gratitude journaling for years or you're just giving it a try for the first time, Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal will help you access a state of inner peace, contentment, and joy.

Why buy Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal?

1. The journal will help you feel better about life.

Reflecting on everything that's going well in your life will help you put any struggles in perspective. Recognizing your blessings won't change that life isn't perfect, but it will make it easier to feel happy in spite of its imperfection.

2. It's fun and creative.

With fifteen coloring pages and questions and prompts to get you thinking, this is no ordinary journal. It's a creatively immersive experience that will help you relax, reflect, and foster appreciation and joy.

3. You'll become more present and less stressed and anxious.

When you focus on everything that's worth appreciating right now, you're not dwelling on what went wrong yesterday or what might not work out tomorrow. You're living in the present, where all you need to do is simply be.

4. You'll feel less plagued by painful memories.

When you look back over your life and see what you have learned and gained from your past experiences, painful memories start to change shape. You're also more apt to remember positive memories when you're proactively looking for positives in the present.

5. Using this journal can improve your relationships.

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated, but because everyday life clouds our focus, many times we forget to recognize all the little things people do. Noting your appreciation for people in writing will likely translate into action—which means you'll brighten other people's days and strengthen your relationships.

6. The process of gratitude journaling could also boost your career.

Gratitude makes you a better coworker and a more effective manager, and it also helps you make the best of less than ideal circumstances. When you're more focused on what you gain from your work than what it takes from you, you're more apt to be present, excel at what you do, and move forward.

7. Regular gratitude journaling will help you feel more optimistic, hopeful, and resilient.

As a natural consequence of recognizing everything that's positive in your life and in the world, you'll begin to recognize that negative situations are temporary and manageable—and you'll feel more capable of riding them out.

8. You'll sleep better at night.

Research has shown that gratitude improves the quality of our sleep, increases the duration, and also helps with insomnia. When you're focused on the good things in life, you're less apt to worry and more relaxed as a result.

9. You'll feel less of a need to compare your life to other people's, and, consequently, more secure in yourself and less envious.

When you recognize you have a full life, and you're not lacking the most important things, you'll feel less concerned with what other people are doing. A sense of peace and security slowly replaces envy and comparison-driven fear.

10. You'll be healthier, physically and emotionally.

Studies have proven that people who regularly practice gratitude have stronger immune systems. Not only will gratitude improve your state of mind, it will also keep you out of the doctor's office and keep your medical bills down.

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About Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha has been helping people empower themselves, heal, and find peace since 2009. What started with one simple quote on Twitter has grown into an inspirational empire, with thousands of blog contributors, millions of readers and followers, and almost a dozen books and eBooks.

A true group effort, the site features stories and insights from people of all ages, from all over the globe—all bound by a common goal: to help themselves and others.

Tiny Buddha's wisdom has been featured in:

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About the Author

Lori Deschene

Lori Deschene is the founder of Tiny Buddha and the author of Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself, Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges and more. She's also co-founder of the popular online course Recreate Your Life Story: Change the Script and Be the Hero.

After struggling with depression, bulimia, and self-loathing for over a decade, she launched tinybuddha.com as a community blog, where anyone could share their experiences, lessons, and insights. She hoped to recycle her former pain into something useful to others, and to empower others to do the same.

She's grateful for:

  • The many contributors who've shared their personal experiences and insights on the blog
  • The time, care, and attention community members devote to helping each other in the forums
  • How she's grown and healed through the process of running the site
  • The opportunity to work on a fun, creative project unlike anything she's done before
  • Joshua Denney, who's lent his design skills to build pages like this one through the years
  • Rose Hwang, the talented illustrator who drew the coloring pages in the book
  • Katy, Ann, and Jane at Harper One, for being the dream team behind this journal
  • Her friends and family, who have nothing to do with the site or this book, but deserve a shout-out regardless
  • You, for being a valuable part of this community
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Tiny Buddha's Gratitude Journal
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