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    I am posting this topic to warn people about the demonic Kundalini awakening. Stay away from this shit, if you know what’s good for you. Don’t try to activate it unless you are prepared to have your life ruined. I had the misfortune of this thing occurring spontaneously and unbidden in me, and let me tell you, it is a nightmare of the worst kind. It slowly destroys everything you previously identified with: your interests, your skills, your persona and your beliefs. You will try to fight it, but in the end you’ll have to give up, because this heartless fucker won’t stop. It will keep coming back again and again, gradually chipping away at you until there’s nothing left. It will induce anger that can cause violent thoughts which could very easily spill over into violent actions. This thing destroyed my love of music: I am a harpist and an organist but I can barely play now (welling up as I type this). I have reluctantly accepted that it might be time to give up these things.

    Please stay away from this.


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